Kalap Festival

The Kalap Festival is a celebration of culture and history that occurs every year on March 21 in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro. It is a day for the people of Calapan to come together and celebrate their city’s past, present, and future. The festival features a variety of performances, colorful floats, and activities that highlight the city’s history and values.

According to historians, the name “Calapan” is derived from the word “kalap,” which is believed to be the name of a tree or the process of gathering wood or firewood. The Kalap Festival is a way for the city to celebrate this history and to gather and share historical facts about Calapan, focusing on discipline, unity, and a God-loving citizenry. Calapan was officially chartered as a city on February 1, 1988, and the Kalap Festival is held yearly to commemorate this important event.

The Kalap Festival features a range of activities, including a grand parade, street party, sports events, and a search for the Mutya ng Lungsod ng Calapan (Miss Calapan). There are also events for women on Araw ng Kababaihan (Women’s Day) and employees on Employees’ Day. The festival culminates with a fireworks display and a street dance. Overall, the Kalap Festival is a fun and festive way for the people of Calapan to come together and celebrate their city’s rich culture and history.

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